Carry out

Winter Hours

 Fridays 12-3 freezer Sales through March

Presidents Day Weekend

Friday 12-5

Saturday 10-2

We will be open March 15th & 16th and Begin Friday 12-5 Saturday 10-2 April 12th-May 10th. S

Friday February 15th

Rueben Chicken  $10.00 per serving

Rack of Lamb $18.00 per pound

Shrimp and Grits $11.00 per serving

Carmelized Onion Quiche $4.50 per slice/ $24.00 for whole pie

Broccoli Casserole $10.00 per pound
 White Cheddar Augratin Potatoes $10.00 per pound

Roasted beet and Goat cheese Salad $12.00 per pound

Asparagus Salad $12.00 per pound

Pimento Cheese $12.00 per pound

Strawberry Mousse

$6.00 per pint

We begin our regular season may 15th Wednesday -Saturday 12-5 S