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A few reminders

• Don’t forget to stock up on our Soups and Casseroles
• We are available for special orders and shipping frozen casseroles and soups by prior arrangement.

A few reminders
Due to Pandemic employee shortages, please place orders as soon as possible and with at least a weeks notice.

Supplies are taking longer to receive.
Open Wednesday-Friday 12:00-5:00
Saturday 10:00-2:00

Wednesday, June 16th

Thai Grilled Chicken $9.00 per serving Breast/Leg Thigh
Rack of Lamb $25.00 per pound
Tomato Basil Cod $11.00 per serving
Broccoli White Cheddar Quiche $5.00 per slice/$28.00 Whole Pie
Squash casserole $10.00 per pound
Roasted Okra $10.00 per pound
Classic Macaroni salad $9.00 per pound

Thursday, June 17th

Carolina Grilled Chicken $10.00
Pulled pork Box with Coleslaw and baked beans $13.00 each
Maryland Style Crab cakes $6.50 each
Asparagus with Lemonaise $12.00 per pound
Bourbon Baked Beans $10.00 per pound
Creamy Coleslaw $8.00 per pound
Curried Chicken Salad $16.00 per pound

Friday, June 18th

Chicken Enchilada Box with Spanish Rice 10.00 per serving
Grilled marinated flank steak $25.00 per pound
Shrimp Creole with Rice $12 .00 per serving
Old Fashioned Potato Salad $9.00 per pound
Fennel Artichoke Salad $10.00 per pound
Pimento Cheese $6.00 per 1/2 pint/ $12.00 per pint

Saturday, June 19th

Morning Glory Muffins $1.00 each
Macaroni and cheese $12.00 per pan

Let us do the cooking!
Four ways to serve you
• Catering Special orders, large and small
• Fresh menu with daily specials
• Online ordering, payment, and scheduled pick up times
• Our freezer with soups, casseroles, and hors d’ oeuvres

Order and pay below.

Food items will only be available for pickup on the days they are listed on the menu.


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