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A few reminders

Please note that due to the recent spike in covid cases, we are returning to curbside service.

  • Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday 12-5 and Saturday 10-2!
  • Curbside service will continue, as our shop can not accommodate proper social distances.
  • Please stay in your car and continue to order and pay online. Ordering over the phone or via email is also available,  payment will be taken when you arrive.


Wednesday, September 15th

Tomato Herb Chicken $9.00 per serving 
Meat Lasagna $7.50 per Serving
Trout Almandine $11.00 per Serving
Asparagus and spring onion Quiche $5.00 per slice/ $28.00 whole
Broccoli, Red pepper, and onions $10.00 per pound
Squash Bake $10.00 per pound
Caesar salad $3.75 per Serving


Thursday, September 16th

Root beer BBQ Chicken, Breast or Leg/thigh $9.00 per Serving
Pulled pork $15.00 per pound
Thai Cocoanut Cod with rice $11.00 per Serving
Creamy Coleslaw $8.00 per Serving
Old Fashioned Potato salad $8.00 per Serving
Bourbon baked Beans $10.00 per Serving
Banana Pudding $5.00 per Serving

Friday, September 17th

Chicken, spinach, and mushroom pasta $10.00 per serving
Salisbury Steak in onion gravy $9.50 each
Shrimp Boil dinner Box $15.00 each
Smashed Potatoes $8.00 per pound
Asparagus with Lemonaise $12.00 per pound
Sesame Orzo Salad $10.00 per Pound
Pimento cheese $6.00 per 1/2 pint

Saturday, September 18

Old Fashioned Chicken salad $ 16.00 per pound
The Kitchens Granola $6.00 per pint



Four ways to serve you
• Catering Special orders, large and small
• Fresh menu with daily specials
• Online ordering, payment, and scheduled pick up times
• Our freezer with soups, casseroles, and hors d’ oeuvres

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