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A few reminders

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A few reminders
Due to Pandemic employee shortages, please place orders as soon as possible and with at least a weeks notice.

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Wednesday, July 28th

Sesame Chicken with Basmati Rice $10.00 per serving 
Brown sugar Dijon Pork Tenderloin $24.00 per pound
Tomato Basil cod $11.00 per serving
Mushroom White Cheddar Quiche $5.00 per slice/$28.00
Grilled Broccoli $10.00 per pound
Watermelon Feta salad $10.00 per pound
Cucumber, Tomato And Vidalia salad $10.00 per pound

Thursday, July 29th

Tomato Herb Chicken $9.00 per serving
 Beef and Vegetable Kabobs $10.00 each
Shrimp Creole with rice $11.00 per serving
Zucchini casserole $10.00 per pound
Vegetable Lasagna $7.50 per Serving
Black-eyed pea salad $10.00 per pound
Pimento Cheese $12.00 per pound

Friday, July 30th

Chicken Saltimbocca $10.00 per Serving
Grilled Marinated Flank Steak $25.00 per pound
Pan-seared Brown Butter Grouper$11.00 per serving
Tomato Pie $5.00 per slice/ $28.00 for whole
Spinach Madeleine $10.00 per pound
Twice Baked Potato’s $4.50 each
Southern Chicken Salad $16.00 per pound
Peach Cobbler $4.00 per Serving

Saturday,  July 31st

Beef tenderloin vegetable soup $9.00 per pint/ $18.00 per quart
Key lime pie $4.50 per slice/ $24.00 whole
Cold Cucumber Soup $7.00 per pint/ $14.00 per quart

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• Fresh menu with daily specials
• Online ordering, payment, and scheduled pick up times
• Our freezer with soups, casseroles, and hors d’ oeuvres

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Food items will only be available for pickup on the days they are listed on the menu.


Turkey Kale and Brown Rice Soup Pint

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Ground turkey, fresh vegetables like zucchini, carrots, celery and onions in a tasty broth with fresh kale and brown rice
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